RetakeOurGov has long advocated getting rid of corporate welfare. Handing out our tax dollars to politically connected companies is just plain wrong. Lansing should not be in the business of picking winners and losers, nor should it be rewarding wealthy political donors with handouts to subsidize their business ventures.

During a recent interview with Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick, former Lt. Governor Candidate Wes Nakagiri once again stated his opposition to corporate welfare.

Here is how Skubick summarized things in a recent article published in mLive.

During two recent interviews, two opponents of the tax increase made the same case for cutting "corporate welfare."

Take a look at the MEDC, argues Keith Allard, a west Michigan anti-taxer.

Good idea, echoes Wes Nakagiri of Tea Party fame.


Now it seems that the sentiment against corporate welfare is gaining bi-partisan traction in the Michigan Legislature. Skubick’s mLive article contained the following passage:

The other day two members of the house budget committee were on the same page bemoaning spending at the MEDC and suggesting it was time to start slicing and dicing its budget. One was a D and the other was an R.

The time is right for citizens to help in the push to rid our state of corporate welfare. As shown above, this issue has bi-partisan support. Please join in the fight and contact your State Representative and State Senator and let them know you would like Lansing to do away with corporate welfare and spend the funds on road repair.

Do you want to do more to help? Please write a letter to the editor of your local paper in support of transferring corporate welfare funds to road repair funds.

I urge you to spend your time delivering our message to those outside the conservative movement, rather than “preaching to the choir” and communicating only with your circle of conservative friends.

Did you know that Letters to the Editor are the third most read section of the newspaper? Only the sports page and comics rank higher in popularity than Letters to the Editor. Every activist needs to get into the habit of writing letters to the editor of their local paper, as this is the best way to deliver your message to citizens who are not directly involved in the conservative movement. Please contact us if you need help in developing your letter writing skills or letter writing strategy.)

Click here for some examples of letters written by other conservative activists. Don’t sit on the sidelines! We have an opportunity for a two-for-one! Let’s defeat the Snyder Road Tax and eliminate corporate welfare!


  • MEDC stands for Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Other forms of corporate welfare include Hollywood film subsidies and green energy subsidies.
  • The Mackinac Center has written extensively about corporate welfare. Here is one of many articles.


It's a 16.6% Tax Increase

Below is an email exchange between Bob Hamer and Thayrone X of WAAM Radio. Bob encourages Thayrone to quit calling the Snyder Tax Hike a 1% increase, as increasing the sales tax from 6% to 7% is actually a 16.6% increase. Thanks Bob for pointing this out! Read more ...

Prop 1 is a Bait and Switch

Because the state will not assure us the one percent increase in the sales tax will go directly to road repair, this is another bait and switch by our elected leaders. Much like the lottery years ago. We were sold on the “fact” that the money from the lottery would be used to help fund schools.

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Prop 1 Funds Affirmative Action and Mass Transit

I can’t believe our parting Lawmakers would leave us with such a mess as the May 5 election Proposal 1. It is so confusing. Most will think it is just a simple proposal to change the Michigan Constitution to raise our sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent. Motor fuel taxes are increased on gasoline/diesel fuel. Vehicle registration fees are increased and no longer tax deductible for federal taxes. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Politicians Addicted to Taxes

This May voters in Michigan will go to the polls, but not to elect any politicians. We will be asked whether the legislature should raise the state sales tax. Sounds simple enough. One percent is a tiny amount, right?

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Fund Our Roads with Hollywood subsidies

The first step of what could be a major victory for Michigan’s middle class takes place in Lansing this week. The House Committee on Tax Policy will be voting on House Bill 4122. Passing this bill out of committee is the first step in eliminating taxpayer funded subsidies to wealthy Hollywood elites.

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Demand Accurate Prop 1 Ballot Language

Dear Election Officials and State Board of Canvassers,

I am writing to request that the title for Prop 1 and the specific ballot language for Prop 1 accurately reflect what Michigan citizens will be voting on when they cast their ballots on May 5, 2015.

I am proposing this as the title:

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MI Citizens do with less - so should Lansing

In response to Senator Mike Kowall’s commentary, “Michigan Senate sets an ambitious agenda for 2015,” I would like to respond.  Personally I would have preferred that the MI Senate had set an ambitious 2014 lame duck session and simply addressed one goal – fixing Michigan’s roads.   Instead the Senate voted down Bolger’s House Bill 4539, which would have generated an additional $1.2 billion/year in new road funding without increasing taxes on MI residents.

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