February 23, 2015
Contact: Wes Nakagiri, RetakeOurGov


For Immediate Release

Don't Lie to Voters about Prop 1

Hartland, MI – Former Lt. Governor Candidate, Wes Nakagiri, calls on the Michigan Bureau of Elections to provide voters with factually accurate information about Prop 1. Prop 1 is the May 5 ballot proposal which would, among other things, increase the state sales tax from 6% to 7%.

Nakagiri said, “I am asking the Bureau of Elections to make clear to voters what they are actually voting on. Most citizens do not understand that Lansing special interests increased the cost of Prop 1 by over 50% when they larded it up with programs that have nothing to do with fixing our roads.”

By most estimates, Michigan needs an extra $1.2 billion/year for road repair. However, Prop 1 will increase taxes by an estimated $1.9 to 2.1 billion/year.

Nakagiri is also requesting that printed copies of House Joint Resolution UU and Public Acts 467 through 476 be made available at all polling places, and that poll workers be required to specifically inform each voter of their availability. In addition to raising the state sales tax by 16.7%, passage of Prop 1 would simultaneously enact 10 individual bills totaling 64 pages of new legislation. Nakagiri went on to say, “It would be nothing less than election fraud if voters were not able to review the 10 bills on which they are voting. I expect our lawmakers to read all bills before voting on them. Since Lansing politicians have delegated their duties to Michigan citizens for the purposes of deciding the fate of Prop 1, every civic-minded citizen should read the bills before casting their vote.”

Nakagiri responded to the Bureau of Elections call for public comment on the ballot language being proposed for Prop 1. A public hearing to finalize the ballot language is scheduled for February 26 in Lansing. Go to www.RetakeOurGov.com for more info.


It's a 16.6% Tax Increase

Below is an email exchange between Bob Hamer and Thayrone X of WAAM Radio. Bob encourages Thayrone to quit calling the Snyder Tax Hike a 1% increase, as increasing the sales tax from 6% to 7% is actually a 16.6% increase. Thanks Bob for pointing this out! Read more ...

Prop 1 is a Bait and Switch

Because the state will not assure us the one percent increase in the sales tax will go directly to road repair, this is another bait and switch by our elected leaders. Much like the lottery years ago. We were sold on the “fact” that the money from the lottery would be used to help fund schools.

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Prop 1 Funds Affirmative Action and Mass Transit

I can’t believe our parting Lawmakers would leave us with such a mess as the May 5 election Proposal 1. It is so confusing. Most will think it is just a simple proposal to change the Michigan Constitution to raise our sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent. Motor fuel taxes are increased on gasoline/diesel fuel. Vehicle registration fees are increased and no longer tax deductible for federal taxes. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Politicians Addicted to Taxes

This May voters in Michigan will go to the polls, but not to elect any politicians. We will be asked whether the legislature should raise the state sales tax. Sounds simple enough. One percent is a tiny amount, right?

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Fund Our Roads with Hollywood subsidies

The first step of what could be a major victory for Michigan’s middle class takes place in Lansing this week. The House Committee on Tax Policy will be voting on House Bill 4122. Passing this bill out of committee is the first step in eliminating taxpayer funded subsidies to wealthy Hollywood elites.

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Demand Accurate Prop 1 Ballot Language

Dear Election Officials and State Board of Canvassers,

I am writing to request that the title for Prop 1 and the specific ballot language for Prop 1 accurately reflect what Michigan citizens will be voting on when they cast their ballots on May 5, 2015.

I am proposing this as the title:

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MI Citizens do with less - so should Lansing

In response to Senator Mike Kowall’s commentary, “Michigan Senate sets an ambitious agenda for 2015,” I would like to respond.  Personally I would have preferred that the MI Senate had set an ambitious 2014 lame duck session and simply addressed one goal – fixing Michigan’s roads.   Instead the Senate voted down Bolger’s House Bill 4539, which would have generated an additional $1.2 billion/year in new road funding without increasing taxes on MI residents.

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