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Frequently Asked Questions About RetakeOurGov's Political Action Committee

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Interview on Frank Beckmann Show - WJR 760 AM, Detroit

RetakeOurGov is registered as a, multi-candidate Political Action Committee (PAC) with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).  Here are a few questions we’ve been asked about being a PAC:

Why did RetakeOurGov form a PAC?

Many citizens have the desire to help the TEA party movement, but not the time to help.  A PAC provides these citizens with an opportunity to contribute to the movement.

How many other TEA Party Groups organized as PACs?

So far, RetakeOurGov is the only TEA Party group in Michigan registered with the FEC.  Nationwide there are a handful of TEA Party Groups that have organized as a PAC.  We are not aware of any other TEA Party group in the State of Michigan who has registered as a PAC with the FEC.

Does being a registered PAC provide RetakeOurGov with any advantages?

Yes, we are able to raise funds and spend them directly on political advocacy.  Direct advocacy means we can spend money to promote candidates who share our views and to oppose candidates who do not.  In other words, we can purchase media advertisements (such as radio or print ads) urging citizens to vote for a candidate or to vote against a candidate.  In contrast, if RetakeOurGov were not organized as a PAC we would be limited to activities that are non-partisan or educational in nature.

How much money can an individual contribute to RetakeOurGov?

An individual can contribute up to $5000 per calendar year.  However, all sizes of contributions are welcome.  RetakeOurGov primarily serves the average citizen who wants to amplify his/her political clout by combining financial resources with like-minded individuals.  RetakeOurGov is a PAC for the people, not the special interests.

Why should I contribute to RetakeOurGov PAC?

RetakeOurGov is a grassroots organization.  RetakeOurGov is not loyal to any political party or entity, our loyalty is to our Constitution and our nation’s founding principles.  RetakeOurGov holds your values of constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility.  A financial contribution to RetakeOurGov furthers our shared vision of limited government and fiscal responsibility, while strengthening the political power of grassroots activists.  We are not formally committed to any politician, political party, special interest group or lobbyist.  We serve as an independent voice to advocate only for our shared concerns.  RetakeOurGov also has the ability to bundle campaign contributions, allowing you to designate which candidate(s) receive your contribution.

When contributing to RetakeOurGov, can I designate which candidate receives my funds?

Yes.  RetakeOurGov can act as a conduit to channel your funds to specific candidates.  This process is referred to as “bundling” or “earmarking.”  RetakeOurGov has already bundled and dispersed contributions to candidates such as Sharron Angle in Nevada, Joe Miller in Alaska, and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.  We have also bundled contributions to candidates here in Michigan: Rocky Raczkowski (battling Gary Peters), Rob Steele (battling John Dingell), Dan Benishek (vying for the seat vacated by Bart Stupak), and John Kupiec (battling Dale Kildee). 

You may make “earmarked” contributions by check or by credit card.  If contributing by check please include a written note telling us how to direct your funds.  If contributing by credit card please use the comment box on the credit card form to let us know how to direct your funds.

Of course, you may also contribute directly to RetakeOurGov.  Funds contributed directly to RetakeOurGov will be deployed in critical election races.  We will carefully evaluate all races and invest where we can get the “biggest bang for the buck.”

Why should I contribute to RetakeOurGov instead of giving directly to a candidate?

Contributing to RetakeOurGov amplifies your voice by combining your funds with the funds of other like-minded individuals.  Many smaller contributions combine to make a large pool.  A larger pool of funds provides greater political leverage than an individual contribution.  An organization with both funding and motivated voters is an organization with political clout.  Our elected leaders are less likely to forget about us “little guys” as long as we stay united.  Your contribution sent bundled by RetakeOurGov to your preferred candidate will get more notice by him/her than if you just sent it directly.

Why should I contribute to RetakeOurGov instead of giving directly to a political party?

A political party has a wide variety of constituents.  Their goals do not always line up with our goals.  If fact, some of their goals may be at odds with our desire for truly limited and constitutional government.  History has shown that the political parties frequently serve the needs of the establishment, party leaders, not We The People.  By giving to RetakeOurGov you can be certain that your contribution will be used to support candidates who support our goals of less government spending, constitutionally limited government, and free enterprise.  RetakeOurGov cares only about our country; we do not care about maintaining the power base of the political establishment.

How will RetakeOurGov deploy its funds?

RetakeOurGov follows these guidelines when determining how to deploy our funds:  Funds will be deployed to unseat politicians who have demonstrated their disdain for following our Country’s founding principles and our Constitution.  We will oppose candidates who advocate expanding the role of government at the expense of individual freedom and self-determination, and who want to undermine our free-market economy.
RetakeOurGov will deploy funds in electoral races where:  1) The incumbent supports big government tax and spend policies;  2) The challenger supports our founding principles of limited government and supports our Constitution.

Is a PAC really necessary?

The short answer is yes.  Average American citizens need to be able to raise funds to maximize our political leverage.  In order to become respected by the political class we need to be feared by the political class.  If politicians don’t listen, we need to be able to mobilize both our human and financial resources to boot them out.  As one of our founders said, “When governments fear the people there is liberty.  When people fear the government, there is tyranny.” 

In order to be politically respected by the ruling class, We The People, need to be a credible threat to the entrenched politician.  The TEA Party Movement has credibility due to its massive number of informed citizens.  Funding and fund raising further boosts our credibility.  Politicians will take notice when citizens band together to spend their precious dollars to oust them or support them.  

How much should I contribute?

Any amount, large or small, is greatly appreciated.  Liberty minded citizens are encouraged to give generously as our side has much to accomplish if we are to restore our country.  The battle does not end with this election cycle.  We must dig in and take a long term perspective.

Given that our struggle will continue for election cycles to come, we have the capability to accept recurring monthly credit card contributions.  This may help some of our contributors with their budgeting process.  Many people wouldn’t think twice about contributing $5 a month, the equivalent of a Happy Meal, to support TEA Party candidates.  This amount seems fairly reasonable when you consider that union bosses usually skim off 1.25% of their workers wages to fund their left-wing ideology.  A union boss collects about $625/year from each worker who earns $50,000/year.  It is no wonder that these bosses have political leverage.

If a larger one-time contribution is not to your liking, please consider a recurring monthly contribution.  As we all know, freedom is not free.  (Recurring contributions can be made by clicking on “Make a Contribution” at the top of this page.  Then choose the monthly amount you wish to contribute and check the box for a recurring contribution.)

Can I contribute cash?

As a federally registered PAC, RetakeOurGov can accept cash contributions of up to $100.00.  Contributions greater than $100.00 must be made by check or by credit card.

Is it true that the FEC publicly discloses the names of all contributors?

As a matter of law, the name of anyone contributing more than $200 per calendar year to any campaign or PAC will be publicly disclosed on FEC reports.  The following examples will help clarify the regulations regarding public disclosure for Federal PACs and committees.

Joe Smith contributes $150.00 to RetakeOurGov.  Mr. Smith’s name will not be disclosed when RetakeOurGov files its next report with the FEC.

Joe Smith contributes another $49.00 to RetakeOurGov.  For the calendar year Mr. Smith has contributed a total of $199.00 to RetakeOurGov.  Mr. Smith’s name will not be publicly disclosed when RetakeOurGov files its next report with the FEC.

Joe Smith contributes another $1.00 to RetakeOurGov.   For the calendar year Mr. Smith has contributed a total of $200.00 to RetakeOurGov.  Mr. Smith’s name will be publicly disclosed when RetakeOurGov files its next report with the FEC.

Joe Smith contributes $199.00 to RetakeOurGov and $199.00 to the Committee to Elect Jane Jones to Congress.  Mr. Smith’s name will not be disclosed when RetakeOurGov files its next report with the FEC.

Important Note: RetakeOurGov PAC is operated and administered by volunteer citizen activists.  Nobody draws a salary from any funds contributed to RetakeOurGov. 

Would you like to contribute to the RetakeOurGov PAC? You can donate electronically by clicking on "Make a Contribution" at the top of this page or you can print this contribution form,   (PDF version for printing) and mail it along with your check to:  RetakeOurGov, P.O. Box 37, Hartland, MI  48353-0037.  Thank you for making a difference!

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Why did we form a PAC?

Many citizens have the desire to help the TEA party movement, but not the time to help.  A PAC provides these citizens with an opportunity to contribute to the movement. Read FAQ's on PAC

Leverage Your Influence

Contributing to a PAC amplifies your voice by combining your funds with the funds of other like-minded individuals.  Contributions to RetakeOurGov PAC amplify your voice by directly opposing tax and spend career politicians while simultaneously growing the strength of the TEA Party movement.  Read more

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