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Cicero Quotation from Over 2000 Years Ago

What have we learned in 2,068 years?  This quote from Cicero dates back to 55 BC.  It is quite clear that history does repeat itself and that politicians of any stripe, in any era, should not be trusted.

View the quote.


Free CPL Training for Educators

2nd amendment

Livingston County educators are eligible for free concealed pistol license training. Read more

Obama's AG, Eric Holder, Turns Blind Eye to Vote Fraud

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The Obama administration claims that there is no evidence of voter fraud in America. Therefore, Attorney General Eric Holder doesn't see any need to implement voter I.D. laws.  In fact, the Obama administration vigorously fights voter I.D. laws implemented by states, frequently claiming these laws are racially biased.

Watch this 3 minute video from and you'll conclude that, the Obama administration is either incompetent, or wants to steal this election.

See how easy it was for an investigative reporter to pose as Eric Holder and vote Holder's ballot in the recent primary election.


Useful News and Information

Written on 11/12/2014, 12:12 by wjynkg
Date: December 11, 2014 Contact: Wes Nakagiri – RetakeOurGov, Hartland, MI For Immediate Release The Michigan Republican Party’s declining...
163 5
Written on 19/11/2014, 20:19 by Dan B
Mark Twain was quoted as saying, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” On November 18,...
46 5
Written on 29/09/2014, 08:03 by WJN
Congressman Kerry Bentivolio from Michigan's 11th Congressional District was interviewed by Kyle Melinn of MIRS. He spoke candidly about Governor...
66 0
Written on 28/09/2014, 19:58 by Amy H
"Across the nation, Tea Party conservatives question the wisdom of being tied to a Republican Party that wants them to just shut up and vote for whomever...
81 0
Written on 28/09/2014, 23:12 by David H
The League of Women Voters’ website has a feature that allows you to compare candidates for the upcoming November 2014 elections. A comparison of...
79 0
Written on 28/09/2014, 21:48 by Amy H
Sixty-two percent (62%) of Republicans think instead that their legislators have lost touch with GOP voters from throughout the nation. Only 33% of...
60 0
Written on 28/09/2014, 19:18 by Frank M
A majority of U.S. adults, 58%, say a third U.S. political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties "do such a poor job" representing...
91 0
Written on 14/09/2014, 18:23 by David H
Governor Snyder’s Director of Community Health, Jim Haveman, indicates the administration supports converting Michigan from a federally-run Obamacare...
91 5
Written on 29/06/2014, 15:09 by paulwilj
State Representative Bill Rogers (R) endorsed Rich Perlberg in the 2014 Republican Primary for the 42nd House District. Rogers’ endorsement was reported...
246 5
Written on 29/06/2014, 10:18 by Dan B
Cindy Duran is a leader from the Berrien County TEA Party (in southwest Michigan). She is running against incumbent Al Pscholka in the August 5, 2014...
156 0
Written on 12/06/2014, 10:45 by Paula S
At a June 10th fundraiser RetakeOurGov contributed $1000 to Deb O’Hagan for State Representative and $1000 to Matt Maddock for State Senate.  Both...
198 5
Written on 11/06/2014, 15:37 by Amy H
Comparing the voting records of Mike Bishop and Tom McMillan versus that of the Democrat leader in the Senate uncovered some interesting information....
423 5
Written on 11/06/2014, 14:09 by Dan B
Mike Bishop and Tom McMillin are vying to be the next Congressman from the 8th Congressional District (Mike Rogers' seat).  Independents for...
171 5
Written on 30/04/2014, 14:04 by wjynkg
Here is a map to the Shark Club.  A couple of important items to note: The address of the Shark Club is listed two ways.  The most common way...
397 4
Written on 10/03/2014, 16:12 by Dan B
Important Meeting Change There is an important change for our April 14 meeting.  RetakeOurGov will not be having its regular monthly meeting....
259 0
Written on 28/02/2014, 21:48 by Frank M
Platform Republicans and Beltway GOP are vying for control of the Republican Party.  This struggle will determine whether or not the Republican Party...
276 5
Written on 18/02/2014, 15:09 by Connie R
We received a plea for money that sounded fishy.  The plea claims that Michele Bachmann is introducing legislation which would allow House Members to...
294 0
Written on 18/02/2014, 12:47 by David H
Pat Caddell said on Fox News (February 16) that the reason Republican leadership has not pushed for a higher-level investigation of the IRS for targeting...
288 5
Written on 14/02/2014, 12:37 by wjynkg
The IRS is trying to silence millions of Tea Partiers. They're trying to pass new regulations that will destroy our free speech rights. If they go...
283 0
Written on 11/02/2014, 23:30 by wjynkg
We'll post summaries of conference calls conducted by Heritage Action to keep you updated on happenings in Washington. Sentinel Team- Main take away, we...
276 0
Written on 11/02/2014, 14:47 by wjynkg
Here is a great opportunity for your voice to be heard. RetakeOurGov has been selected to participate in a statewide public policy survey. ...
339 5
Written on 14/01/2014, 09:18 by David H
This story illustrates the power of the Precinct Delegate.  What was done in Arizona, censuring Senator John McCain and holding him accountable is an...
341 0
Written on 19/12/2013, 11:50 by Dan B
Have you ever heard your State Legislator say, “ObamaCare is the law of the land.”  This statement is usually made by a legislator who has...
271 0
Written on 31/10/2013, 22:49 by Frank M
According to a recent poll, TEA Party Republicans are viewed more favorably than "generic" Republicans.  This is interesting considering all the flak...
292 5
Written on 31/10/2013, 13:01 by David H
A colleague from West Michigan recently took these pictures.  These are billboards that question the various ObamaCare exemptions. At the bottom of...
338 5
Written on 17/09/2013, 10:36 by Dan B
GREAT NEWS Defunding ObamaCare - an update provided by Hugh Fike of Heritage Action on 9/18/13 For those of you who still might be in doubt of your...
342 0
Written on 17/09/2013, 15:07 by wjynkg
ROG has teamed up with other TEA Party groups for the special event described below.  This event will take the place of our regular monthly...
428 0
Written on 05/09/2013, 13:13 by Dan B
The 1st Annual Michigan Freedom Celebration was a great success.  A sell-out crowd of over 200 patriots attended. Check out these photos from the...
391 5
Written on 05/09/2013, 13:01 by Frank M
Here is an article about the TEA Party in Michigan.  It provides points of view from supporters and detractors of the movement.  You'll find...
373 5
Written on 02/06/2013, 19:01 by David H
 RetakeOurGov presents A celebration of freedom never before seen in the State of Michigan!   Ticket Sales Ending on August 3, 2013(we need...
1100 4

Articles for Young Americans

Written on 03/06/2013, 13:33 by Dan B
The Washington Examiner published an article describing how foreign-born males have a lower rate of unemployment that American-born males.  This...
335 1
Written on 03/06/2013, 13:21 by Frank M
Most administrators in government-run public schools have a bias against firearms and the 2nd amendment. This is fine as long as their personal biases...
359 2
Written on 10/05/2013, 01:36 by wjynkg
A recent poll indicated that 61% of college-aged young adults want government to stay out of their lives. This is an encouraging sign for those of us who...
396 0
Written on 08/05/2013, 11:16 by Amy H
RetakeOurGov has opined that the allowing illegal immigrants into the U.S. has a negative impact on the job prospects for American citizens. It is a...
403 0
Written on 03/05/2013, 10:35 by Dan B
According to a pair of recent polls, for the first time since the 9/11 terrorist hijackings, Americans are more fearful their government will abuse...
382 0
Written on 01/05/2013, 21:12 by Dan B
Starting next year, the Affordable Care Act will limit how much health insurance premiums can vary based on age. Health insurers will be restricted to...
395 0
Written on 29/04/2013, 20:38 by Amy H
Politicians on both sides of the aisle should focus on providing job opportunities for America’s youth and young adults before they expand immigration...
384 0
Written on 27/04/2013, 21:03 by Amy H
The weak economy continues to take a toll on young adult job seekers. Prospects for college graduates have been recently downgraded according to this CNBC...
369 0
Written on 23/04/2013, 11:01 by WJN
You gotta like this 8th grader - he will not let BIG Government schools trample on his rights.  He is an inspiration to his fellow students as well...
416 0
Written on 20/04/2013, 07:17 by David H
When 8th grade Jared Marcum got dressed for school on Thursday he says he had no idea that his pro-Second Amendment shirt would initiate what he calls a...
415 0
Written on 08/03/2013, 20:52 by Amy H
Webpage from Howell High School's "We The People" Team(sponsor logos are shown along the right hand side) RetakeOurGov is proud to be a sponsor of...
523 5
Written on 03/03/2013, 11:27 by wjynkg
Another example of no good deed goes unpunished… A Florida high school student wrestled a loaded gun away from another teen on the bus ride home this...
507 0
Written on 01/03/2013, 11:56 by Amy H
An American high school student was given a failing grade for refusing to recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance! Another example of government (schools)...
534 0
Written on 05/02/2013, 17:38 by Amy H
Are you willing to risk the cost of major car engine repair to further the unsubstantiated claim that carbon emissions cause global warming?...
604 5
Written on 05/02/2013, 17:14 by WJN
We all agree that we must protect our environment but isn't this a bit extreme. With trillion dollar deficits can Washington DC really afford to scrap a...
626 0
Written on 05/02/2013, 16:37 by David H
According to Forbes, Facebbok may soon be tracking you at all times. It is bad enough that the government is intruding into your personal information, now...
693 0

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RetakeOurGov at Nascar Michigan 400

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