Demand Accurate Prop 1 Ballot Language

Dear Election Officials and State Board of Canvassers,

I am writing to request that the title for Prop 1 and the specific ballot language for Prop 1 accurately reflect what Michigan citizens will be voting on when they cast their ballots on May 5, 2015.

I am proposing this as the title:


MI Citizens do with less - so should Lansing

In response to Senator Mike Kowall’s commentary, “Michigan Senate sets an ambitious agenda for 2015,” I would like to respond.  Personally I would have preferred that the MI Senate had set an ambitious 2014 lame duck session and simply addressed one goal – fixing Michigan’s roads.   Instead the Senate voted down Bolger’s House Bill 4539, which would have generated an additional $1.2 billion/year in new road funding without increasing taxes on MI residents.


Just Fix the Potholes

Dear Taxpayer,

On May 5th we will be voting on a Constitutional Amendment and a a package of bills that will go into effect if the Amendment is approved.

The Proposal will increase the sales tax from 6% to 7%, raise taxes on fuel and raise registration taxes on our vehicles. 


Lansing Should Live Within Its Means

Dear fellow taxpayers,

On May 5, voters will be asked to approve a $1.9 billion tax increase of which only $1.2 billion will actually be used for road repairs. Please consider this increase will place Michigan in the second highest sales taxation, behind California.


Tax Increase Won't Go to Roads

NO MORE GENERAL FUNDING TAX INCREASES... Our Roads, like our Schools, need REAL REFORMS not just more money thrown at them and Patrick Colbeck and a few other Legislators are the only ones demanding we look at how and for what we spend our money on to Fix Michigan Roads.


State Has $$ for Roads

When was the last time a tax increase made our state, or our nation, more fiscally responsible? The obvious answer is never. The more money the government receives, the more inefficient the government becomes.


United States Bill of Rights

Declaration of Independence